Should you let yourself be waxed or not?

The summer is coming, bare legs, short shirts, bikinis we will wear them all again, but unfortunately, we also have to keep shaving. Is resing a solution or not? I song waxing my underarms and lower legs at Delete Professionals in Waxing in Rotterdam and I like to share my experiences.

Ouch, that hurts!Outch

Well no, that was so bad. I really thought it would be very painful, but that was not so bad, because I could just smile on the picture. I got a stress ball, I did not need it, but it looked nice for the photo I thought so. My legs were certainly really good to do. For my armpits, I was really frightened in advance and I think that is why it is also bad luck. However, it started to bleed when it was finished, but the pain was really bad.

Grow hairs, no way!

To have your hair waxed, you need long hair, in the winter I wear long trousers, so my leg hair is no big deal, but my armpit hair, was a bit of a thing. In the gym, I wore Eric’s shirts and otherwise it was only holding arms down. If I find a thing dirty, it is armpit hair. But what appears now, once you start waxing your hair, they come back much less. Maybe we should do this more often because my hair was really different after waxing when they started to grow.

This is hót!delete waxing

The first time the wax was put on my armpit I found it really hot, my legs are a lot less sensitive. But do not be afraid, that temperature gets used after a while and then it is not so bad anymore, it suddenly gets nice and warm. Yes, you get used to everything, do not you ?!

Should you let yourself be waxed or not?

In the meantime, while. you want to read my opinion about this, but my answer is YES. Waxing is not very cheap and you have to keep it well, but your hair is really a lot “nicer” back and I am told that if you leave your hair often enough, your hair will not come back awhile. How nice would that be?

What are your waxing experiences?


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