Small waist with a hoop

Getting thin fast and easily, don’t we want that all? A small waist, a size smaller, less fat on your belly and a tighter tummy! Most people will tell you it is not possible to get tinner at just one place of your body, but it can! Use a hoop, you can get some bruises, it takes time and hard work, but you also get something you want, a smaller belly.

Little kids, they hoop

When I was a little kid, I loved to hoop but hooping is not only for little kids. It is a great way to work out. You use a lot of muscles when you hoop, it takes a lot of energy and you can do much more than just hooping.

Why I started to hoopHoepel Robin Hoop

When Robin came with the idea to do a hoop challenge, I joined this because it was so much fun for me. But my sensitive belly on that moment didn’t like it, so I couldn’t finish the challenge. When my belly was back to normal I wanted to do an other challenge, get a slim waist with a hoop. On the youtube channel of Robin Hoop I found some workout ideas and I started to hoop daily.

Stuggles with hoops

Not everything is at easy as it looks, also not hooping. The basics were good, the hoop didn’t drop that much on the floor, there where other things, I got bruises on my waist, maybe you was it in my Instagram stories. You need to have some affort to get that waist small right? But you cannot quit that that moment, because when you quit, it won’t get any better. Be strong and continue hooping. The pain will get less.

Tip, make sure you don’t have to shine in your bikini during the first weeks because you will see the bruises.

The difference in my body by hooping

The left picture I took wednesday in the gym, the right picture I look a while ago at the last ubdate. Lucky me, you see some effort. Now I am in Curacao I still take good care of my body, I go to the gym, I swim in de sea and I pay attention to what I eat.

Will you hoop yourself skinny with a hoop?

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