3 Awesome sports bras from LASCANA.nl

When you are sporting it is the best to wear a sports bra, it supports your boobies the best and it sits better when you are sweaty. So today I share some of my favorite sports bras of www.LASCANA.nl

Calvin Klein

If you have seen some of the posts on my way to becoming a fit girl, you know I will mention this sports bra. I wear this one quite often, it fits good, give your boobs great support and you look very stylish in it. You can also wear this bra outside the gym because it doesn’t make you boobies smaller. It even has a bit push up, being stylish at the gym is also important.

LASCANA has the three colors of the bra with all the kind of slips, a string, a slip and the hipster. Click here to shop Calvin Klein.

Read here all about my last post about becoming a fit girl.


To be fair I don’t have any experiences with the sports bras of this brand, but they look great. This one is cheaper than the one of Calvin Klein but still stylish. There are two colors, black-gold, and grey-gold, but the hipster is only in grey and high waisted, so you have to like that.

Click here to shop Puma.

Push-up sports bra – HIS

A bra special for girls with small boobies, because the sizes are from cup AA to C. Also girls with small boobies need good support for their boobies during their workout. This sports bra is stylish and has push-up, so your boobies don’t even look very small in the gym and you don’t need to feel uncomfortable.

You can buy this sports bra in seven different colors, so one for each day of the week ;). Click here to shop HIS.

If you want to see more sports bras click here. If you want to see normal bras click here.

I hope I gave you enough inspiration to be stylish in the gym, which is your favorite?

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