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There are lipsticks and lipsticks, beauty and make-up enthusiasts know all about that. When I was in London I spotted a Christian Louboutin makeup shop and I could not help but fall in love with these lipsticks. Of course, I had to take one home with me.

Christian Louboutin lipstick

Christian Louboutin Lipstick

More than just a lipstick, this thing costs a fortune, specifically € 85, -. You can notice that from the weight because this thing is heavy, wow. But it is more than a lipstick, there is a ribbon on it and with that, you can make a necklace. Why is the lipstick € 85, -? I think that’s because of the beautiful design and the brand. Of course, it is not worth the money and even when you know that, you still buy it since it is a collector’s item.

It is also photogenic, to name all the details on the lipstick, the color is beautiful. It feels wonderfully soft on the lips and the design is just so beautiful, but € 85, – remains a lot of money for a lipstick. Although the heels of Louboutin are also very expensive and they are also on my wishlist, even though I never wear heels.

Why did I buy this lipstick?

If it’s not worth his money, why did I buy this lipstick in the world? I was in London and our suitcase was not allowed to go to Harrods, so we brought him to a Harrods storage and that cost £ 25 and you received a voucher for it. Lisanne wanted to buy a Gucci belt so we thought, she could use two coupons, but it didn’t work like that, 1 receipt per transaction so yes then shopaholic Emma came up and I bought this lipstick when I saw the make-up of Christian Louboutin. Oopsy.

To avoid ambiguities, I am super happy with this lipstick and he is really nice on my desk, making a swatch for a photo only hurt my heart.

“Sin to use”Christian Louboutin shopping

Do I find it sin to use, well yes? The lipstick was pretty expensive and he is so beautiful and at the swatch, lightly. I thought, aught, there is the first damage so I did not dare to push hard, so the swatch is also light, even though I always wear a lipstick lightly.

On the right picture, you can see me wearing the lipstick. I had put it in the store on my lips so I did not have to use my own. I really like the color of a nude color as it should be!

What do you think of a lipstick like this?


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