Strength training, how does it work now?

Today something different than usual. I share some valuable tips and things you need to know about strength training, Charlotte told me. She has her degree in personal training and gained a lot of knowledge, on her Instagram, she shares a lot of good food.Krachttraining

The best muscle group

The best muscle group does not exist, to see which muscle group you have to train, it is wise to look in advance at the body proportions and the posture. Points that often need improvement are a curved back, tilted hips, a stronger arm or leg, and suppleness. If you have found your points, you will be able to tackle them by training and stretching.

The new hype is a full bottom in combination with a slim waist. To grow your butt, it is important to train the adherent muscles of the buttocks, think of the core, lower back, hamstrings, and the quadriceps.

Nice those muscle names, but what are those muscles, in easy terms, the core is the core of the body, also called the trunk. This is especially the pelvis, back, and abdomen area. The lower back is the lower part of the back. The hamstrings are the back muscles in the upper leg and the quadriceps are the front muscles in the upper leg.

Now that you know what the core is, you will not be surprised that the core is the most important muscle group. It is the powerhouse of your body, the center of all muscles and all movements rest on this. It is, therefore also important to train your core every day. The best time for this is after the warm-up and before strength training.Krachttraining

The best exercises for fast muscle grow

If you want to generally build up muscles, exercises with loose weights with which you train multiple muscles are very important. You call these the compound exercises.

If you want to build muscle on a specific spot, then it is wise to use a combination of loose weights and machines, with which you choose a high weight and a low number of repetitions.

In addition, food is very important, because abs are made in the kitchen. Many people are afraid to eat carbohydrates, but you do need these to finish a training with sufficient energy. If you do not have enough energy in you, then the body gets energy from the muscles during training and we do not want that. Protein is important for the recovery and building of muscles and the muscles are quite hungry. The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest, so the more you can eat. Your weight goes up, but you’re going to look a lot slimmer and tighter.

building weights and repetitions

In order to build up with weights and repetitions, you will need to know your level. The structure differs very much from one level to another.

The newbie – If you are not familiar with sports and strength training, it is great to get your muscles acquainted with sports, pushing, pulling and lifting. You start with low weight, think of 25% to 45% of the maximum weight you can handle. Here you do a lot of repetitions, think 20 to 25 times and do that in 3 to 5 sets. This phase will take 4 to 6 weeks and if you think it is needed longer, it is often the case.

Slightly advanced – In the meantime, your stamina will have improved well, also your working points described above have been improved. It is now possible to use heavier weights, think of 45% to 65% of the maximum weight and your repetitions will now decrease, from 12 to 20 repetitions. This phase will also take 4 to 6 weeks.

Advanced – In the meantime you have the taste completely. You are now entering the phase of ‘hypertrophy’ and in this phase, you will ‘boom’. You will now have 75% of the maximum weight. The repetitions will decrease even further, from 8 to 12 repetitions, in sets of 3 to 4. If you can do more repetitions, take more weight.

The maximum weight that I am talking about, you should test once. You do this by looking at what the heaviest weight is that you can use a maximum of 1 time in the exercise and cannot perform a 2nd repetition.Krachttraining

Pre- and post workouts

Pre-Workout consists of a form of caffeine, it gives a boosting effect and ensures that you are well awake. However, it can occur in palpitations, sweat attacks or a restless feeling. A cup of strong coffee can often be sufficient. If you need more caffeine, then a pre-workout is recommended.

For a post workout, it is necessary that this contains sufficient protein for an immediate muscle recovery. This can be done by means of a bar, ball, shake and name it. A post workout is really recommended, your muscles are hungry and they want to grow, this is not possible without food. The best post workout is those that consist of protein, vitamin c, magnesium and amino acids.

Rest in the muscle group

Your muscles need recovery time, so you can not train your legs five times a week unless you are a top athlete. Just in short how your muscles work, during the training you tear your muscles, but that is no reason to panic, the muscles will recover, during that process, your muscles become bigger and stronger and then they are ready for the next training. Give them the peace to become even stronger. It takes about 12 to 48 hours until your muscles have recovered from a workout.


Extra general tips

Write down everything and break personal records, nothing is so motivating and satisfying to have a better version of yourself every time.

Leave the scale for what it is, do not focus on weight. It is better to take progress photos if you want measurements, you can measure with a measuring tape.

Finally, trust the process of your body, those pounds do not come in two weeks and do not end in two weeks. That is why you do not get your dream body that fasts. Do not be discouraged by tight fitness Instagrammers, they too have had to train for years for their body and have to trust in the process of the body, you can do this too !!


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