Summer body vibes with me, myself and I day 57-85

A new month has passed, so it is time for a new update. Did I reach my goals? You’ll find it out right now! As you know my goal is to get a nice summer body. I do this with eating clean and go to the gym often. My goal for this month was to increase some muscles on my belly.

I don’t use any products to get bigger muscles. All the things you see are because I work hard and eat enough proteins, think about chicken and eggs. I don’t use shakes or other things which will increase my muscles. Maybe I’ll start with protein shakes because they are not harmful to your body unless you drink too much of it.

Read more about protein and reasons why you should(n’t) take it here.

My progressSummer body goals

In my opinion, it can go faster, but I’m not sure how. I eat (mostly) only good food, not much, but enough for a workout. And I go to the gym a lot. I play hockey and approximately every day when I don’t have to play hockey I am in the gym. Except on Friday, that’s my day off.

I guess on the sides of my belly I am smaller because I feel it in my jeans, not every jeans fit well anymore. Which is good and bad, good because how slimmer how better and bad because I have to buy a lot of new jeans. Which is also maybe good, because I love shopping.i

I have to say that the first two weeks didn’t go that good to the gym and food because I was very busy with my exams. But the last two weeks I had to correct it and it went pretty well.

Summer body goals

I want to see more progress in the next 4 weeks and I will go to the gym very often. I love to be in the gym, so that won’t be a problem and eating healthy is also not a problem. Next month I want to have some new food to share with you, but at the moment I am only eating my daily oatmeals with chocolate and bread with chicken. I need to find some new recipes so I can share it with you.

To see how I looked like last month, click here.

Xoxo Emma

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