Summer body vibes day 86 – 121

A week later than usual here it is, my summer body post. As you probably have read in my post I cannot go to the gym and this is what happened I couldn’t sport for a longer time. I have to rest for 3 more weeks, but since I don’t feel much pain anymore I am back in the gym. I gained 7 kilos in two weeks, which is too bad, but after I went to the gym two times, I lost two kilos. So the other kilos will be gone soon I hope.


Since I am back in the gym, I eat less and the things I mentioned in the post before are gone. I still need more sleep than usual, but less than last week. I don’t know how fast things can change, but I love it. I know where I need to make some progress and I have to eat clean. I am working my ass off to eat clean, but it is so hard. I am addicted to peanut butter, but there are so many calories in it. My favorite ice cream is the double peanut butter magnum, it is so good, but at the same time so bad. I am heavier than last month but my muscles are increased.

What I do in the gym

In the gym, I am doing my belly muscles and I try to do some exercises for my legs. My hip and the muscles in my upper leg are injured so I cannot do much with it, but making them stronger is always a great idea. The physio told me to do nothing with my legs, but I don’t listen to that things. So I do things I want but not with the same weights as before. But that doesn’t matter to me, because it is better to do a bit than nothing, right?

Goals for next month

Okay, so which goals do I want to reach next month? At first, I want to lose all the weight I gained this month because I couldn’t sport. Next, to that, I want to increase the muscles in my belly and I want slimmer legs. They may not be really fat, but I think I can get them slimmer. I will reach this goal by eating more fruit instead of cookies, even if they are good cookies. I love the sweet summer fruit like cherries and all kind of berries. And I will do some strength instead of cardio in the gym. Cardio is great for burning fat, but it doesn’t increase your muscles.

So what do you think? Will I still get my summer body before the summer? Next month a new update and we will see how far I came.

Xoxo Emma

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