Summer in your look

summery look summery look summery look summery look summery look

Damn, I was never so done with the winter as right now. A few days ago we had snow, worst thing ever when you really want the summer to come. But we cannot affect the weather, so we need to bring the summer in our lives in a different way. With clothes, I love my summer jackets and during the winter you can wear them as a jacket over a top. And that is what I did.

Summer jacket

 on a lighter one. You can make a look with this very easy with many summer jackets, a leather jacket, a denim jacket or a bomber jacket. But I’m sure you can do it with many other jackets as well.

My look

There is not much to tell about this look because you aren’t able to shop it anymore. I wear old treggings from the H&M, with a last seasoned jacket from the Zara. And you can shop my basic top and my Adidas white with silver Superstars. Next Sunday I’ll post a shoppable look again, just as normal.

Are you wearing summer jackets during the winter? Or will you after reading this post? Let me know in the comments.

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