The best booty exercises to do at home

Having a good and round booty is for most girls very important. One of the things women train the most is the booty. During my workout plans, I also train my booty, since this is also very important to me. When you cannot go to the gym these exercises is a great one you can do at home. Grab a yoga mat and do these things on the kitchen floor or in the garden.


6 benefits of planking

  1. It is easy
    Lie down on your belly, place your elbows under your shoulders and place your toes on the floor. Push your upper body and legs from the ground. Make sure your body is in a straight line and you are already planking. The hard part is to do this a minute or even more.
  2. You can do it everywhere
    You don’t need the gym to plank, this makes it easy to do it everywhere you want. At home, at the park or any place you want.
  3. You don’t need anything
    No weights, nothing you can do this exercise with your own body weight and I can tell you, that is hard enough. For you elbows, it can be nice to use a yoga mat.
  4. You train your whole body
    When you are planking in a straight plank you use your abs and booty the most to stay straight, but you also train your arms, upper legs, and shoulders.
  5. It helps against injuries
    Planking is very good for the core-stability. In your core, you can find some very important muscles, for the abs and back. When your core is strong it increases the change of an injury.
  6. You can do many different planks
    The normal plank on your elbows, a full plank on your hands, a side plank on one elbow. And go on, on the internet you can find many different planks.

For my workout, I do a 5-minute plank workout.

  • 1 min full plank
  • 30-sec elbow plank
  • 30-sec raised leg plank (each side)
  • 30-sec side plank (each side)
  • 30-sec full plank
  • 1 min elbow plank

After this, you are broken and the first time you can take brakes in between, but make sure you can do this after a time without a break. You can also this the plank challenge I made.

Glute bridgesglute brigde

7 benefits of glute bridges

  1. It helps against the pain in your lower back
    When you sit much, you don’t activate the muscles in your booty. When you booty muscles are not that active it will have an impact on your position and this can cause lower back pains. So if you sit much, this exercise is very important for you to do.
  2. It is good for your knees
    A reason why people have pain in their knees is a lack of control over the upper legs. When you are walking this can cause pain in the knees. Your booty is very important in this.
  3. Break your own records
    This one is for the runners under us because when your booty is strong, your passes will be bigger and you will have more power in your passes which make you faster. Let that PR come!
  4. It improves your position
    When you sit in a bad position it can look like you are 5 kilos heavier than you truly are, this is not what we want. By doing enough exercises you can improve your position. Do some glute bridges, walk a bit more and be active. This is good for you and your body.
  5. Your booty will get stronger
  6. Your jeans will fit much better
    A glute bridge makes your booty and legs stronger and this is the reason why your jeans fit better. You don’t need a but lifting jeans anymore, but every jeans will look stunning on you.
  7. You become a squat master
    One of the best booty exercises is a squat, but to do a squat deep enough the glute bridge is your best friend. To make a deep squat you need a strong core and a glute bridge can help you with this.

How to do the glute bridge

  1. Lie on the ground with your arms next to your body
  2. Bend your knees and put your feed on the ground (like I do in the picture but with your booty on the ground)
  3. Bring your booty up, only the booty (you will have the position in the picture)
  4. Bring your booty back to the ground again
  5. Repeat this 20 times


Stretching is an important thing to do, not only for your booty but for everything in your body. But it can also help to squat better, which is good for your booty.

5 benefits of stretching

  1. It increased the circulation of drains and the supply of nutrients for the muscles
  2. It is good for the flexibility of your body
  3. It increases your strength
  4. It increases the Range of Motion, which is great for a deeper squat
  5. It reduces the change of injuries

About the squats, I will tell you more in an article for booty exercises in the gym because squatting with weights is the best.

The best booty exercises to do at home

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