The secret of a baby soft skin

A soft skin, do not we all want that? The winter makes your skin dry, but the sun also. My legs are now completely dry by the sun, fortunately, I have found a solution for this and this solution provides a baby soft skin.

Baby oil

Coincidentally hey, baby oil that makes for a baby soft skin. The title may have already been explained, but the oil seriously does wonders for every skin and not just that of the baby. After showering, apply yourself with a nice layer of baby oil, let it dry a little and then put on your clothes.

I prefer to apply it twice a day. My legs are really dry at the moment and I like all the dresses I wear during my internship when I have nice legs. Baby oil helps me very well with this. And it also smells very nice, if you like the baby smell then.

Another advantage, with this oil you can also do great massages, look at my friend with a sweet smile and who knows he gives a message that your skin is also well hydrated. All right, right ?!


Scrubbing the skin once or twice a week also works wonders. Grab some sugar, mix it with your favorite shower gel and massage it on your skin. Or do as it should and buy a tube of shower scrub. Both work fine, your skin is in any case quite cleaned. After this, it is useful to smear your skin with something greasy, like baby oil.

The best smelling baby oil

  • Zwitsal baby oil [bcp pid = “9200000035959586” type = “img”]
  • Johnson baby oil (I currently use this) [bcp pid = “9200000011675212” type = “img”]
  • Weleda baby oil [bcp pid = “9200000011433742” type = “img”]

How do you ensure that your skin becomes soft?

The picture below is me as a baby 🙂

The secret for a soft skin

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