This is what motivated me the last time

The last time I shared everything that motivated me a few years ago, I want to pick up the thread again and share my inspirations more often.

Healthy food

Eating healthy is very important, but it is sometimes difficult to really stick to it, which is why I share some tasty photos that show that healthy eating can also look delicious. So good that you secretly want to dive into the kitchen to make it.

Go to the gym

Healthy eating is one thing, but exercise is also very important. Now that I am doing an internship five days a week, being on a tropical island, being on the beach every week and going out a lot, this is very important to me. Yet it is sometimes so difficult to find meaning and time to really go, so I often seek motivation not to think of an excuse.

Motivation quotes

Finally, some quotes, because they always help me the best. This gives me the best motivation to do just a little bit more than I would actually want. The quotes print you with your nose on the facts and then you better think before you say no to a workout.

Motivatie quotes

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