Tips for a healthier Easter

Sunday is already Easter, the party for me that spring really starts, that’s why I see it a bit like the spring festival. However, this holiday also seems to be more like a dinner party, the supermarkets are full of luxurious food, it looks like we are celebrating Christmas again, as bad as it is being unpacked. Very nice of course, but not too good for our body and not at all if we want to go into the summer. That is why I have put together a few tips for you on how you can stay healthy during the Easter days.

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The Easter brunch

Many people often start Easter with an Easter brunch, mega cozy of course, but with all those tasty things you have an unhealthy sugar bomb at the start of the day. And that is not exactly what we want, of course, those sugars are not that good. Some tips that can help you with a good start of the day.

Easter brunch


Do not take fruit juice

No matter how delicious a glass of fresh orange juice can be, it is full of fruit sugars and fruit sugars are no less bad than added refined sugars. Start the day with a nice cup of tea or coffee, these are few to no sugars and that is a really healthier choice. If you want juice, choose a fruit with few sugars and make it yourself. Watermelon juices is an example of this. Still, prefer an orange? Then choose to eat it as fruit and not to drink.

Whole wheat or spelled bread rolls

Waffle rolls are always fun and tasty with brunch but choose consciously. You can best opt for spelled or wholegrain buns and no butter croissant. Choose also your sandwich, no sprinkles on a hot roll with a thick layer of butter, but rather lean meats, such as chicken or ham, if you like to take some jam, then choose homemade jam, chocolate? Then take whole dark chocolate, such as De Ruijter Specials Intense Pure or Blue Band hazelnut paste with less sugar.

Easter table


Easter bread

Yes, because what is Easter without Easter bread with tasty almond paste and a thick layer of butter? Nothing, of course, there are healthier alternatives, but also with the unhealthy variant, you can do it a bit healthier. Do not take too much, butter it first with butter and then take out the food to spread it on the butter, you now need less food and butter and because of this it is already a lot healthier, do you have food left over? There is probably someone else at the table who takes over the extra food with love from you.

The Easter dinner

Even for the Easter dinner, we can think of a bit healthier, but given that there is less of a line to withdraw this is what people eat, I tell.




Many people gourmet during Easter, please note that you do not take too much fat meat, especially a lot of vegetables, little baguettes and limit the sauces to the minimum. Preferably no sauce at all. On the gourmet, you can best choose chicken, pork tenderloin, steak, tuna, king prawns or whitefish, but of course, you can also eat excellent meat substitutes.




Small snacks, always delicious, but unconsciously you will soon eat too much. What is especially advisable is to choose lean dishes, without real sauces. For example, make mini savory tartlets of eggs with some vegetables, chicken in soy sauce with sesame or let your own inspiration go the way. You can go many ways with tapas that are healthy and you also have a nice preparation time with each other.

Luxury food

Of course we also have the luxury pussies among us, who prefer to eat different courses. It is then advisable to start with a homemade soup that contains a lot of vegetables. Prepare a delicious salad for the main course and choose a lean piece of meat, but of course, that is the more luxurious meat. If you want a dessert, make it yourself, if you make it yourself it is always a lot healthier than if you buy it in the store, it is often also much better.

What are you going to do for fun at Easter? I really have no idea haha.


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