Trip to Barcelona

I often do nice things together with my mother. This time a trip to Barcelona was planned. What we have experienced here for nice things and how a drama was the outward journey can be read here. A mother-daughter time we find very nice and important and that’s why we like to do these things.

Day 1

The outward journey

On Sunday we left for Barcelona, we would leave from Schiphol. We had no idea that coming to Schiphol would be a big tragedy. After the only trouble and with the train to travel the last part, we finally arrived at Schiphol. Soon it turned out that our flight had some delay, because of this we could breathe more normally.

The trip went well, with the bus we went from the airport of Barcelona to our hotel, this was very easy and fast. We were also able to check in at the hotel, we found our spot in the room and then we decided to have lunch somewhere.

Lunch – Bar Lobo

Bar lobo Barcelona

After that trip we were hungry, at Bar Lobo we enjoyed a delicious lunch. On the terrace, it was very busy, but luckily a table was quickly released. We enjoyed a chicken fajita with a nice glass of white wine. We would have deserved that. When I saw this tent on Instagram, I knew right away that I wanted to have lunch here, it looked so nice! And that was completely true, it was delicious and a nice tent.

Exploring the city

Arc de Triomphe Barcelona

Maybe you already saw this picture on Instagram, but they have an Arc de Triomphe here. We have made lovely walking photos here in the nice places. When we had it we went to the hotel to take a shower and get ready for dinner.

Diner – Irata Taverna Barcelona

Irata Taverna Barcelona Irata Taverna Barcelona

On Tripadviser we found this spot, a nice tapas bar with delicious tapas and tasty wines. It really went in the nice Spanish way, you had to collect the sticks and pay an amount per stick. When we arrived it was still fairly quiet, but not much later it was super busy. The choice here was also giant and she always put new rolls down.

Day 2

In an old book from 100% Barcelona we found a route that went along the beach, this way we have walked completely. It was a long, but certainly nice route. We have seen many beautiful things, including the statue of Columbus, the harbor, a very old cemetery and sand artwork on the beach.

Lunch – Kaymana

Kaymana Kaymana

During the walk we came across this tent, not Spanish food, but healthy and delicious. I chose a self-made poke bowl, something I really love. Mama took a rice bowl with chicken. The tent looked super nice, had great food, healthy and affordable. You were also in the sun here. What does a man want more?

Drinks with an amazing view

Andante hotel Barcelona Andante hotel Barcelona

Our hotel has an amazing swimming pool with an amazing view. Here we enjoyed a glass of wine with a tasty baguette and I only had the delicious ham and mommy took the cheese. Really enjoy this drink in this great place.

Diner – Viana Viana BarcelonaViana BarcelonaViana Barcelona

It really took a long time before we finally got inside, but this tent was definitely waiting. In the queue, we had a lot of claim with people and that was great. A starter and a dessert that we shared with the two of us had enough after our drinks haha. We had tomato bread and Iberico ham, a tuna steak and for dessert, we had fresh fruit with mango sorbet and coconut cream. The sangria also tasted delicious.

Day 3

Montjuïc, Olympic stadion, and Poble Espanyol

Olympisch Stadion BarcelonaOlympisch Stadion Barcelona

The Montjuïc we have incurred, a good way up, but it was certainly good to walk. We started our way with a castle, after this we walked to the Olympic stadium where we had to take a picture. One with umbrella because of the terrible weather a one where I chill on a balustrade.


Once we got up, we had an amazing view. Besides an army thing there was nothing else to see, so soon we walked down again. We continued our way to Poble Espanyol, also known as Spanish Village. This village was crammed with buildings from all over Spain and they had made a real village here. It was touristy, but hey.

poble espanyol

Diner – La Tasqueta de Blai

We did our dinner in the neighborhood of our Hotel at La Tasqueta de Blai and nice tapas barrette where you can get other things than just the sandwiches. This we did, finally, I had my favorite tapas dish, chorizo in Moscatel, I can enjoy it so much. For dessert, we shared a frozen mojito, yummy.

Day 4

Brr, Pool pictures

Andante Hotel Andante Hotel

Do you want nice pictures then you have to flicker, because with 13 degrees I went in the morning in this pool, but yes you can also get very cool pictures.

Sagradia Familia

Sagradia Familia

From the hotel we walked to the Sagrada Familia, this was a trip of more than an hour, but it was certainly nice to walk. When we arrived we first looked at the church and made the necessary pictures and when it was the right time we made the trip to the elevator, then we could walk down again. It was beautiful to see, but I found it insanely expensive to visit a church.

Lunch – Banguette

Broodje iberico ham

It is just a search, but after searching we had found a delicious sandwich shop with baguettes with ham. We ate this in a grassy field, we did not need lunch and we can tell you that this was really great.

Shopping time

Sephora Prada Candy Bar

During the shopping we came across the Sephora, here I had to go inside. In the Netherlands, we do not have this store, of course, but I did not yet know this photogenic version of a Sephora. I visited several Sephoras, but none was as cool as this one. We also visited enough other stores to enjoy shopping. At the Zara, we bought some nice things and at Levi’s, we also bought a matching shirt.

Drinks at Bar Lobo

Wine by Bar Lobo

At Bar Lobo we enjoyed the sun again. We ordered a wine with some olives and sandwiches with tomato and black pepper. I really like to have a nice drink with something to drink and snack.

Diner – 7 Portes

Paella 7 PortesPaella 7 Portes

If you are in Spain you can not leave the country without having eaten sangria and Paella and having drunk. On the internet, I read great stories about 7 Portes. When we arrived I was shocked by the luxury that the restaurant radiated, but fortunately, it was not too bad. I even got my mother to eat with this fish paella. It was really delicious.

Day 5

The last day we decided to take it easy, got some shopping and had a nice lunch and then went to the airport at the end of the afternoon.

Lunch – Surf House Barcelona

Surf House Barcelona Surf House Barcelona

Here we have been sitting in the sun for a long time, drinking and eating. What a wonderful place this was. We enjoyed a delicious poke bowl and I had a pink lemon. Very tasty and especially nice because of the color. From inside and outside this was really a great place to go.

And that was our week away!


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