Vogue Nederland shirt summer 2017

Hi girls, you probably already know that I love the shirts of Vogue. 11 May the new Vogue came in the stores with a new shirt, of course, I had to buy one. Do you have to buy the vogue for this shirt or not? Continue reading to find out.

 Vogue shirt ’17

The shirt is white with blue lines and in black you see Vogue. The sleeves are long, while it was short the years before. Same as last year it the shirt not made for small people which have size XS like I have. But a bigger shirt doesn’t mean that it isn’t stylish or you shouldn’t wear it.

How I styled it

The shirt is quite long, why I rolled up the sleeves, they were too long and too big, so it is better this way and I put all the fabric which was too much on the side of my jeans. This to make it more fitted to my size. Because it is also quite big around my neck, I made it an off-shoulder top. It is big which makes it easy to make it an off-shoulder top and in my opinion, it looks good. I wear a belt, of course, that is the usual thing in my look. My jeans are from Mystique Boutique NYC, soon more about these jeans and the shop and as shoes, I wear my new white with silver Adidas Superstars.

A few months ago I made a blog post with some other Vogue shirts. In my opinion, the top of ’15 is still the best one if you look at the sizes. This shirt was in size small I guess and for me, that is the right size. Last year I have bought a shirt on the Vogue Fashion Night Out. This shirt was also not too big, but that was more because you could choose a size. I like this shirt the most if you look at the colors because I like stripes. And it is the best shirt for the summer, in my opinion, black is not a summery color.

What do you think? Are you going to buy this shirt or not? Let me know in the comments.

Xoxo Emma

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