Vogue t-shirts, I love them so much

I am in love with Vogue t-shirts. In the pictures above you see me wearing the Vogue t-shirt from 2 years ago which I got with the magazine. And you see the other t-shirt I bought last summer.

Vogue t-shirt summer ’15Vogue Nederland shirt 2015

The black one with white letters is the one I got 2 years ago with the magazine. The size is small, which is perfect for me. Although the arms are a bit too long, you can roll them. So nobody sees it, and I can tell you it looks also good. The pictures you see are made last summer in London.

Vogue t-shirts summer ’16

Last summer the Vogue gave a white shirt. Which is too big for me, and which doesn’t look nice on me. So I am praying this year they make a perfect shirt like the one above. But in September I went to the Vogue Fashion Night Out 5 and there they had also very nice Vogue Shirts. Not free like with the magazine, but they looked much better than with the magazine of that year.

The shirt with the magazine was white, there were 3 colors to chose, blue, red and orange. I chose the red one, but I have never worn that shirt. It looks so ugly. No pictures of that shirt in this blog haha.

The shirt on the VFNO was black with golden letters. You could choose a size, I chose size Small/Medium. It is oversized for me but in a good looking way. I always put them in my pants on the right side of it, with everything which is too much.

Vogue t-shirt summer ’17

This shirt has to come out this summer. I don’t know how it will look, but I have one wish. Don’t make it as big as the one from last year. Pick please a dark color, so it doesn’t look that cheap as the one from the last summer.

All my shirts are from Vogue Nederland (Dutch Vogue).

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