Wearing much makeup with hot weater, no go!

Much for us wear foundation and other makeup during the summer. This is a bad thing and I’ll tell you why. When you are sweaty your makeup gets ruined, but that is not the only reason why you shouldn’t wear makeup on hot days. The same thing counts when you go to your sport because your body does the same.

Foundation, don’t wear it these hot days

Foundation and other makeup that is directly on the skin are the worst. But why is this so bad? When you have it hot, your body wants to cool down, the blood vessels get bigger. You may see them through the skin of your arms and hands. And with that, your pores get more open. When your pores are open the makeup can get in your skin. This sounds really creepy and scary, I know. But it can also make you look ugly later. During the summer we are hiding from red and other not equal spots on the skin. Okay, I get that, but the more we use, the more we need to use.

But what happens when you wear it?

When you use foundation, the makeup gets through your skin. When it is on your skin, your skin is not clean from the inside anymore and your body doesn’t know what to do with this. The makeup is, in fact, the same as dirt, the same dirt we remove every morning and evening from our skin. Read here how I rinse my skin daily. When the dirt gets into your skin you get pimples and I guess nobody wants that. Because that is what we hide with the foundation right?

But what can we do to hide?

Day creams with a color a good alternative, with this I don’t mean a BB or CC cream but a real day cream. For example Niva, they have ones which are good. When you still see sports or your skin don’t worry, nobody has a perfect skin. Be happy with yourself and how you look.

About me and makeup

In the winter I always wear makeup on my skin, but not in the summer. The reason, I want a tanned skin and with much makeup on your face, your skin won’t get tanned. For this picture, I used a lot of foundation and I have to say that I feel dirty. Not myself anymore. This is nothing for me and I won’t wear makeup on my skin during the summer or during my workout sessions.

Do you wear makeup during hot days and sport? Let me know!

Xoxo Emma


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