Ziaja’s new acai berry line

An acai bowl, you can wake me up for it. That these tasty berries offer more than a nice bowl, was new to me. When Ziaja told me about the new line of acai berries I was enthusiastic. I had to test that as an acai bowl lover. The products that I tested from the line are the face toner, the body mousse and the day cream with SPF 10.

Ziaja Acai Bessen

Ziaja Acai Berry satin body mousse

Nice and fresh and sweet, the smell of the summer comes to you when you open this jar. There is a soft pink mousse that looks and feels like a real mousse. So the name is fine. If you smell something closer, read put your nose in the pot, you also smell a typical body mousse smell. The cream lubricates very easily and you can get easily much of the mousse on your hands because of the thick structure. That is very nice. I am also happy that the mousse is withdrawing so quickly. Next, to the wonderful smell, the fine structure, and the fast retraction, he also makes the skin soft. The mousse costs € 5.59 for 200 ml and he is definitely worth the money. I did not expect him so good haha.

Click here to see the body mousse at Ziaja’s webshop.

Ziaja Acai Bessen

Ziaja Acai berry facetoner

Ziaja Acai Bessen

Spray, spray and more sprays, that’s what you can with this face toner, great for cooling down on the hot days. Ziaja says that you can use this toner as refreshment, I agree because a cool mist comes from the toner that you spray on the skin.

Ziaja Acai Bessen

During the summer our skin has quite a bit to do with sunbathing what we like to do, that dries out our skin and there you end up with an ugly wrinkled and old skin. We do not want that, so hydration is very important and especially in the summer. This cooling spray works well with this. Cooling and ensures that your skin remains beautiful, completely beautiful right?

The toner is €4,69 and you can shop it through this link.

Ziaja acai berry daycreme spf 10

Ziaja Acai Bessen

The first product was really white, haha, the day cream is white and not light purple/pink. Maybe as well, because before you know it you are purple/pink and no longer normal. This cream also smells very nice. He contains SPF 10, easy a cream with SPF in it, but for me, this factor is too less not to burn in the summer. The day cream is a bit thicker in structure, but it does spread out easily and makes you start the day softly.

Ziaja Acai Bessen

After application, you also have no visible oily skin. My skin, unfortunately, sees fat very quickly, but fortunately,, I did not have it after using this cream. In the picture above you can see that because I just put it there.

You can buy this creme for €4,99 through this link.

I really like the new Ziaja line. I have received these products for review, but my opinion about the products is true.

The pictures are made at Saint Aymes in London.

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