Ziaja’s new Tropical Coconut line

Tropical smells, I love it. When I heard about Ziaja’s new line which had a tropical smell, I was very curious about this line. Ziaja, send me the new products so I could try this summery line. The line exists out a sugar scrub, a shower soap, and a body balm.Tropical Coconut

I know Ziaja since a while now, I have tested some things before, like a day creme with SPF, a BB cream with SPF, the coconut hand creme and body butter and at least a cleansing milk and toner of the Aloe Vera collection. Every piece I have tried were good products, with a low price, so I was curious about this products.

Tropical Coconut

Only by hearing the name of this line I fall in love with it. Doesn’t it sound very summery and tropical? When I opened the bottle I directly noticed the summery smell, I didn’t smell coconut directly, but I smelled more summer fruit, like passion fruit. When I opened the box with the scrub I noticed that it is like sugar with some oil, but the smells were great.

Tropical Coconut sugar body scrubTropical Coconut

The first thing I thought when I saw the scrub was “damn, this is sugary”, but when I used a bit of the scrub I felt how soft the texture was. I had never thought that, because by seeing it, it saw more like a rush and raw scrub. The scrub has a great smell and makes your skin really soft. Another great thing is that you don’t need that much to use for your body.

Tropical Coconut creamy shower soapTropical Coconut

After the scrub I used the shower soap, also this smell was good. It had a good amount of soap and you can use as much as you like. I love to use a lot of soap, but not everybody thinks the same about this. A great thing about this soap is that it is not very fluid, so when you use a big amount it won’t drop on the floor, I kinda hate this and it always happens… So that is a great thing about this soap. After the shower, your skin feels like a newborn, because of the cocoa butter which will stay on your skin, great right?

Tropical Coconut body balm moisturisingTropical Coconut

After the shower it is time for the body balm, this makes your skin even softer and gives it a bit more hydration. When your skin saw the sun the whole day this is very important. I had to use a bit more than I was used to, but the smell is still great. When you sleep with the balm on your skin you will wake up with a soft skin. Another benefit of the balm is that you don’t have to wait a long time until it is dry.

Do you already know this new line?

Discover it yourself:
Body Scrub – €2,99
Shower soap – €2,49
Body balm – €2,99

* I got these products to review.


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