The new fit goals

As you know once a month on Wednesday I posted an update on my way to my summer body. I can say that I felt comfortable in a bikini, but I didn’t get it the way I wanted. So here it is new series of my fit goals.

Tummy goals

The first thing I really want is a good tummy, I will get this by eating really clean and sporting much. I have to lose some weight, I found out that my weight has to be around 49 kilos to get the right fat percentage to get my perfect body. Does this mean that I cannot eat any bad things? No, I can, but when I eat something bad, I need to focus more on the kcal I eat the rest of the day.

This is what it looks like now

Close your eyes and enjoy coconut water.

Foodies I take less and more

Food/drinks I want to avoid/eat less 

I want to eat less bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and the food in that way. When you start eating this less, you will lose some weight very quick. I also want to drink less alcohol, this is a thing which makes you fat and we all know it. Not drinking isn’t an option for me I think, so I have to drink less. Less means only in the weekend some drinks and not more.

I don’t want to eat sweets, cookies, cake, desserts and other things with much sugar on it. This is also a thing which makes you fat so I will have to avoid eating it. But I also want to stop drinking soda, this is not good for you also not the diet ones without sugar and calories.

Food/drinks I will take more

I will eat more fruit, veggies, especially the green ones, eggs, and chicken. This is things which are good for you and you need to lose some weight. So you have perfect combinations which make you feel full, like a chicken with avocado.

I will drink more water, at least two liters a day and I want to drink tea and fruit juices next to it. The best fruit juices to drink are citron mixed with water and watermelon. This fruits will make you slimmer, which is great of course.
Read here about the other reasons why you should drink citron water.

Do you have any fit goals? If yes, how do you want to reach them?

Xoxo Emma


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