Goals and challenges #3

 A new month has arrived, the temperature is going down and it is time for me to share some goals for this month with you, next month I’ll publish this on the first of the month. I had a food challenge last month and a plank challenge the month before, so this time we do something else, I will do a jumping rope challenge.

Goals for November

Reaching a goal is a reason to treat yourself, so when I reach this two goals I will celebrate it. I really want 5k followers on Instagram and when I got it this month, my boyfriend and I will eat a cupcake at heavenly cupcakes. A place in Rotterdam where they sell vegan and healthy cupcakes. What my Instagram page to see when I reached it.

My second goal is about my weight, if you have read the fit goal posts you know I want to weight less, so when I finally am 55.0 kg I will eat a burger at the Burgertrut, also a place in Rotterdam where they sell healthy burgers. It is important that it’s healthy because I don’t want to lose my 55.0 kilos right after dinner.

Read here the fit story of this month.

November challenge

Just like every month, I will do a challenge this month. I just love to challenge myself in a way to become fitter, which helps me to reach my goals, so my challenges will always be something very healthy or with sports.



For this month I chose a jumping rope challenge because I read on the internet this is more effective than running, so I need to do that challenge.

I wonder what kind of results I can get with jumping rope. We will see it next month, this challenge is 20 days because of this month already 10 days have passed and I will continue this posts on the first of the month, so we only have 20 days left.

Who’s joining me with this challenge? Let me know in the comments below!! 


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