Healthy and delicious oatmeal recipes

Oats are a healthy thing to start the day with. They contain slow carbs which are the best carbs to eat. Much people don’t like oatmeal, but with some delicious adding it is great. And I share some of my favourite recipes with you.

Acai oats

Make oats the way you like and add one teaspoon acai powder with your (nut)milk. Add a bit chocolate, 1 banana, and 10 pecan nuts.

Apple pie oats

We all love apple pie, right? I made these oats with apple pie things. I made this with 1 apple, raisins and cinnamons.

Chocolate, banana and coconut oats

Add some raw cacao in the (nut)milk while you cook your oats, top at the end with banana and coconut flakes.

Chocolate oats with chia seed and linseed

Cook the oats in milk with 1 tablespoon linseed and 1 tablespoon chia seeds. Add banana, cinnamon and walnuts at the end enjoy.

Carrot cake oats

Cook one hand carrots and raisins with some milk and add the oats when it is cooking. When it is done add some cinnamon, optional: nuts.

Low-fat peanut butter, chocolate, banana oats

Make just regular oats and mix some peanut butter powder with a bit water, by adding more water it becomes liquid and you can put it nicely over the oats, add some banana and chocolate and it is done.

Peanut butter powder contains the half of calories as normal peanut butter. The taste is nearly the same only less oily and smooth.

What are your favourite oats? Let me know and I’ll try yours.


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