Raw paleo bars by The Primal Pantry from D-drinks.nl

Hi girls, a good snack which is good for you are the raw paleo bars from the Primal Pantry. Their bars are only made from natural ingredients and are good for your health.

What is Paleo?

Maybe this is the best to start with. Paleo is a diet or a lifestyle, like vegan, but then different. People who eat Paleo eat the same things humans ate during the hunting period. This is fruits, meat, fish, veggies and sometimes nuts and seeds. In Paleo food, you only will find this kind of food, no added sugar, cereals, dairy, legumes or any chemicals.

The bars

Almond and cashew

This one was very nutty but on a good way. It really tasted like the nuts and just like the other bars it gives you enough energy and stops a hungry feeling. This bar contains 206 kcal.

Brazil nuts and cherry

Perhaps it is better to call it cherry and Brazil nuts because the cherries have the strongest taste. This bar is sweet and fruity, but really good. I took this in the morning before my breakfast, but it is not a good replacement for breakfast haha. It stops the hungry a bit, but I still wanted to eat breakfast. This bar contains 201 kcal.

Apple and pecan

This bar tasted like an apple pie or something, sweet and delicious but then healthy. This bar is my favourite of the bars above. It is nice and delicious and the texture is also good. This bar contains 109 kcal.

You can buy 18 of this bars for €31.50, you can make a choice between 1 flavour of a mixture of all the flavours they have. You can order it here.

Xoxo Emma

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