Puur & Fit wheatgrass review

Wheatgrass is very healthy, a time ago I wrote about all the benefits of wheatgrass and now I will give my opinion about this green drink. Is it really as disgusting as it looks and as people say? I’ll tell you all about this. I got this wheatgrass from Puur & Fit

About Puur & Fit

Puur & Fit is a company which sells biologic products, about 60.000 different products. That’s much right? All these products are pure and don’t have anything unnatural in it. They became famous because of their own superfoods. The team is small but when you have a question you can contact them 7 days a week. They have enough knowledge to help you if you have an allergy or something else.

You can read all the 26 benefits here.

The taste

When the package came home I really wanted to know how bad it tasted. I went to my boyfriend because we wanted to taste it together. We took a camera to film it because we thought it would be hilarious to see how we react on this disgusting drink. We mixed it with water and then we took a nap, but we didn’t do anything hilarious. It was not even that bad, we mixed it with pineapple juice which is sweet and had a strong taste.

The day after it I drank it with a friend but then we mixed it with water. It was not good, with a juice it was much better, but still, we didn’t do anything hilarious.

What did it do for me?

I have to pee a lot more the 2 hours after I drink a glass, they say this is because it removes the waste out of your body. I don’t see that when I weigh myself, but maybe I have to drink it daily instead of one or two times a week. The first time was weird because my tummy became very big and then I went to the toilet and I was slimmer than before the drink, what it did to me, I don’t know but it was weird. When I drink this just before sporting it give me a bit more energy, just like a pre workout. Which is great because this contains way fewer kcals than a pre workout. Which is a great fit girl thing.

Have you ever tried wheatgrass? Did you expect it grosser? Let me know!!


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Dit lijkt mij totaal niet lekker. Ik hou van shakes en smoothies maar dit zou ik niet durven te drinken